Onyx choker with rectangular onyx (wisdom stone)

204,00 £

This onyx comes from Brazil. In order to reach you, it underwent a selection and many hours of grinding process, and then it was framed by a jeweler in the ore of your choice. We are proud that all elements of this process took place in Poland and were made by our craftsmen.

Remember that each stone is slightly different and unique. It may have inclusions, a different shade or reflex. This proves its uniqueness.

  • Chain made of 925 silver, gilded with 2 microns 24k gold.
  • It has an onyx with an emerald cut.
  • The dimensions of the stone are approx. 15 x 18 mm.
  • The chain is adjustable – 32 to 40 cm.

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Onyx is a stone of wisdom. It is recommended for people who are faced with a difficult choice. It gives you strength and brings you back to your senses. It stimulates action, helps to calm down negative emotions. It strengthens immunity, while accelerating the regeneration of the body. It is a stone that symbolizes balance and happiness.

Onyx choker with rectangular onyx (wisdom stone)
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