White agate necklace with the symbol of the flower of life – Talisman ZoZo design

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White agate is called the stabilization stone. It introduces balance and harmony. It inspires, soothes anger and promotes meditation. It has a beneficial effect on talents, will help you find and develop your passions. It will have a positive effect on mental health, give self-confidence, and is also considered a stone of faithfulness.

This agate comes from Brazil. In order to reach you, it underwent a selection and many hours of grinding process, and then it was framed by a jeweler in the ore of your choice. We are proud that all elements of this process took place in Poland and were made by our craftsmen.

Remember that each stone is slightly different and unique. It may have inclusions, a different shade, reflection or differ in length or shape. This testifies to its uniqueness.

The flower of life
is a symbol of sacred geometry and perfect harmony, which consists of evenly spaced, overlapping circles. A multiple of the figures builds a floral pattern. According to spiritual beliefs, it meant the creator, creating all forms of existence, is a protective symbol, bringing balance to life and helping to regain balance after difficult experiences. This is the most beautiful mandala you can create.

Especially for you, we have composed one of the strongest talismans.


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Several characters are inscribed in the form of the Flower of Life, one of them is the Metatron Cube representing the balance between male and female polarity – giving birth to unity. He is an extremely complicated geometric figure – he perfectly assigned us 6 arms from the central part of the Flower, which we strengthened with our magic stones.

Each of the 6 arms leads to the edge of the circle, where we have placed the most important stones that will help you balance the aura and find peace. The first of these is Rose Quartz called the stone of love, because there is nothing more important in the world. It will sensitize you to beauty, have a positive effect on the emotions you feel and help build valuable relationships. Then we will give you strength and strengthen your leadership skills with a stone of success and abundance – Blue Topaz will allow you to get rid of bad thoughts and strengthen your intuition. Another arm will decorate the stone of success, the intense yellow Citrine will add support in both professional and private life. It will help you achieve financial stability and balance. We will also take care of your internal asylum, and Peridot called the stone of belaying, care, salvation will help us in this. This bright green stone will balance your emotions and mind, calm your anger and take care of your good mood. We closed the circle of the Flower of Life successively with Onyx and Amethys. Black Onyx called the stone of wisdom will help you make a difficult decision, give you strength, stimulating to action, while Amethyst – the stone of harmony will have a calming effect and help you achieve balance in life.

In the heart of our talisman we have placed the most important of them – Mountain Crystal, which will intensify the protective effect and strengthen the power of other stones.

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    White agate necklace with the symbol of the flower of life – Talisman ZoZo design
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